Become a Non Smoker - 6 Week Program

6 x 75 Min Sessions 6 x 15 Min Telephone Contacts = $1050.00

  • 9 hours
  • 895 Australian dollars
  • Baldwin Street

Service Description

Whether you've just started to think about stoping, or you're already on your way, we're here to support you on your stop smoking journey. Smoking may be a huge part of your life, so it's okay to feel nervous about quitting. What's important is knowing that stopping smoking will make you healthier, and that there is no one way to quit. Everyone's journey will be different Smoking cigarettes increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke. But your body starts repairing itself as soon as you've smoked your last cigarette. When you quit, you'll notice improvements in your breathing and sense of taste and smell just a few days after stopping Together we will work on past triggers, cravings, and most importantly the why you smoke and eliminate the hold it has on you. So how can you stay stopped? There is a profound difference between a smoker that has stopped smoking and a non-smoker. The smoker courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn't think of anything worse than smoking. That’s if they give it a thought at all. You've probably heard those people who quit smoking 10 years ago and still say "Every time I have a beer I still want a cigarette" - if you’re trying to stop smoking that’s a terrifying thing to hear! It makes you think that you’ll be stuck with cravings for the rest of your life, and will be constantly thinking about smoking. But you don’t have to be that person. They’ve only quit smoking at a conscious level - meaning they decided to stop, and stopped. Unconsciously, smoking still calls to them. So, basically... If you're going to stop smoking, do the job right There are a million and one ways to stop smoking. Nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes, willpower, chewing gum, tablets, lozenges, inhalers and even prescription drugs. In addition, there are plenty of well-meaning people out there willing to tell you how to stop smoking - quit tips are everywhere. But they all miss one vital component - the unconscious mind. If you are going to make the effort to free yourself from the terrible effects of smoking, why not do it right? Use a proper smoking program that will leave you free of the desire to smoke. Clinical Reports Suggest: * More sessions are better than few session for Longetivity * Individualised treatment are better than standardised approaches * Telephone Contact increases the likelihood of success * Hypnosis fared the best of all treatments

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellation of a booked appointment, otherwise booking fee may be held.

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